Oprah + Warby Parker

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Wearing glasses has become super fashionable. There are so many options for stylin' eyewear these days. I used to wear glasses before they were cool and my options were less than desirable. Its all good, I am loving my new eyeballs thanks to laser surgery (modern technology is pretty rad). So, why am I blogging about glasses? Because I have discovered another company that gives back and I love to support companies who are making this world better...
meet Warby Parker.

Photo From Warby Parker Website

Photo From Warby Parker Website

They have a program called "Buy a Pair, Give A Pair". Here is how it works:
Shop. You buy a pair of Warby Parker glasses.
Donate. Warby tallies up the number of glasses sold and make a monthly donation to their nonprofit partners, which covers the cost of sourcing that number of glasses.
Train. The nonprofit trains men and women in developing countries to give basic eye exams and sell glasses to their communities at affordable prices.
Go forth. These men and women work hard to spread awareness and make eyecare available to their communities.

I strongly believe in the whole "teach a man to fish" philosophy and that is what Warby Parker is doing with this program. Heck, even Oprah is on board and bought some Warbys!

Tweeted by Oprah/@Oprah "Just bought a bushel of Cool prescription glasses @warbyparker "

Tweeted by Oprah/@Oprah
"Just bought a bushel of Cool prescription glasses @warbyparker "

If you are in need of some new specs, check out the Warby Parker collections, they are so on trend!

2014 Fall Beauty Trends :: Digits

From deep wine colored nails to bright berry lips, this Fall is all about rich hues of burgundy and crimson. In the next few blog posts, I want to share with you some tips and trends to accessorize your Fall look. First up, nails.


Featured Accessories :
Bouquet Stackable Rings, chloe+isabel, $42
Tresors Chain+Pave Necklace Set, chloe+isabel, $88
Bumble Bee Charm, chloe+isabel, $32
Color Code Vintage Rose Bracelet, chloe+isabel, $38

There are billions of nail colors out there, billions. And every time I get my nails done and the manicurist hands me that ring of nail colors, I totally freeze. Its like I have to make a life or death decision. Bless it all, I get so overwhelmed! Thankfully, I had flipped through the new Fall lookbook for chloe+isabel and saw the colors for fall which made it a little easier to decide on my color.


I did a little research and found some of the newest collections from the top nail polish brands. Because I already spent too much time exploring the new colors for fall and getting completely carried away, I'll share the quick links for you. Hopefully, it will help you narrow down some color choices when you head in for your Fall mani/pedi!

Mary Kay
They have released two signature colors for the upcoming season, "Night Diamond" & "Sapphire Noir". Shop with my friend Janis (if you don't have a consultant yet), she will hook you up!
I want to try: Both!

OPI: Nordic Collection
The Nordic Collection has almost an etheral feel. Its probably their gorgeous marketing concept that sucked me in.
I want to try: My Voice Is A Little Norse & Skating On Thin Ice-Land

The Wunderlust Collection is due to release this month. Did you know they have a nail club? Sign up to be a Julep Maven and receive a monthly delivery of new nail polish and beauty products.
I want to try: Joyce & Waleska

CND Shellac
Modern Folklore has a beautiful line-up of rich and sophisticated colors.
I want to try: Indigo Frock & Plum Pasley

One of my annual traditions is to get a mani/pedi on the first day of school. As my kids head back to the classroom to recover their brains from summer, I celebrate by treating myself to a little pampering. Now, I need to decide which colors to try first!

Up next on the blog is a post on Tween Fashion for Fall...

Papillon Nocturne

Our Limited Edition Collection, Papillon Nocturne, was a huge success with only two of the four pieces remaining. Watch this video to see the inspiration behind the collection and then visit my boutique www.chloeandisabel.boutique

The new Fall Collection, Botanica, will be launching August 19th, Tuesday evening at 7pm PST. Be sure to visit my boutique to find your fall treasures!

A Day In The Life

True confession, I collect checklists. I love them. They suck me in with their organizational awesomeness, their hope of task completion, and satisfaction of writing that check mark in the box. And, if they are pretty, forget it, I'm sold.

Today, I woke up at an ungodly hour and decided to own it and start my day early. (In fact, my kids are still sleeping! Three cheers for summer!) With the clarity of a new day ahead of me, I decided to jump in and get myself organized and ready for August. That means, you guessed it, a checklist! I sat down at my desk and this was my reality...

It looks like a pad of Post-It notes vomited. I was seriously tempted to clean up my space before snapping this photo but, I'm kind of sick to the bone of seeing everyone's "perfect side". I love to be clean and organized but, the reality is, I have two businesses, three kids, and an unrelenting need to be creative. Life needs to happen, dust bunnies can wait.

When I sat down at this mess of  desk, I started to deflate a little. There was a nasty little voice in my head telling me that there was no use in creating a checklist that I wouldn't use! Rude. I am making a choice to ignore that little scoundrel in my head and create the best darn checklist I've ever made. I have to keep pressing forward because if I don't nothing will change and I fear the Post-It note takeover.

What are your tools for keeping yourself organized? Do you use a planner? Would you share your organizing secrets with this scattered WAHM, please and thank you!

Summer Hiatus

I will be back to posting in the Fall (or maybe earlier if my munchkins allow for it). I have so many fun adventures and things I want to share but, I'm too busy living life at the moment. Please check back soon! Happy Summer.