catching up on PL

I am a tad behind on my Project Life weeks.  But, the other day I forced myself to sit and work on it.  I am determined to make this work for me and my hectic schedule!

Week One (re-do)
I think part of the reason I was stressing out about it was because I was trying to make it a grand piece of art as well as document the day-to-day.  I took a step back and re-structured my pages a bit.

I wanted more photos, easier journaling, and less fuss.  Some weeks will have more or less photos and I think that's nifty.

Here is my method for streamlining Project Life:

1. Review photos from the week and decide which ones I would like to include.
2. Edit and print pictures. (I created a template for myself in Lightroom to make printing the photos even faster, yay!)  The number of photos will depend on what pictures I choose, plus the slots available in the page protector.
3. Type up and print journaling card(s).  If you need a really simple tut on how to print directly onto the Project Life cards, check out this blog: LIST GIRL
4. Arrange in page protector and whala!
Week One & Two re-do

This method is going to be so much easier for me.  I think I was making the process too complicated somehow?  Plus, I don't get much scrap time so it is more efficient for me to complete a few weeks at a time instead of trying to keep up each week. Maybe this will help someone else with their Project Life process?  Happy scrapping!

Week Two (re-do)