Little Green Dress.

My sister told me about this website where you can customize a dress.  I thought she was crazy.  brace yourself, its real.

eShakti.  Don't ask me how to pronounce it because I can only guess and I might accidentally spit on you in the process, you've been warned.

I would love it if women went back to wearing dresses.  I always feel so feminine in a dress, especially one with ruffles.  I don't have a problem vacuuming my house in a cute little number like the one to the left.  It might be the influence of my new favorite show, Downton Abbey? anywho.

Back to the dress...
Green.  Yes.  I want to be more bold with my wardrobe and my friend, Jeanette is going to help me get there.  I ordered this without consulting her but, I think she'll like it. I loved that I could customize this dress!  I added sleeves because no one ever makes dresses with sleeves and lets face it, not everyone has skinny little arms.  I also made the length a little longer than pictured.  Love the ruffles, love the bow, love the color.

The company also has skirts, blouses, and some accessories.  My sister also mentioned that you can submit your personal measurements and they will make a dress to custom fit you!  Hello, Miss Brilliant.  If you register, you get a $20 off certificate PLUS all first time orders receive FREE customization.  sweet.

I will have to do an update post once I get this dress and let you know what I think!

Update Post Here: /carriepostma/2012/03/green-dress-update.html