Little Green Dress Update

Oh my.
I love it.
(Please be warned that the brightness of my legs may cause blindness)
I ordered this dress from eShakti (see post here) and received it last week. It came all the way from India! When I looked on the website before ordering, the only address I could find was for Washington. Anywho.

My sister had ordered a shirt on the same day and she called me this morning to swap pics of our purchases from eShakti. Sadly, she was not happy with her purchase but, she will try again.

It was freezing today but, I had to share with my sister so I changed into my new dress, sandals, and stepped outside onto my front porch. I have horrible lighting in my house!  I needed the natural light to grab a good pic of the magnificent green of this dress and I don't think this pic does it much justice either.  I'm sure my neighbors think I'm totally insane for 1. Wearing a dress in the rain and 2. Taking pictures of myself on the front porch. Gah.

Review of the dress:
PROS: I love it. Simply love it. The color is what I expected, a true kelly green. The ruffles on the front wrap around the neck in the back and they just make me smile! Ruffles rock. The tie around the waist is sewed onto the dress so there is no "belt shifting" and there is enough length to tie a cute bow. I loved that I could customize the length of the skirt and add sleeves.
CONS: The fabric is true cotton which equals iron-time. My idea of ironing is to throw it in the dryer on high heat for a few minutes. I wish the fabric had a little more "give" to it. I am also afraid that the color may fade a bit but, we'll see how it washes.

I need to find me some cute new jewelry to go with this dress and I'll be ready for Spring. I may give this dress a test run for St. Pattys Day!