I don't usually make goals or resolutions.  In the past I have made them and set myself up for failure and that's not a good feeling!  This year I am approaching my goals differently, I didn't want to create a list of unattainable things to accomplish only to give up by January 5th. I have created a list of things I know I can do.  I did not set any lofty goals beyond my reach.  I am working on putting things in place to help me conquer these goals, which will make lovely blog posts for my new blog.  I love when a plan comes together [insert smiley here]

Returning from our family getaway this Christmas, I sat in the airport terminal, said a prayer and began writing down my goals for 2012.

  • Deeper daily time with Abba.
  • More quality time with the Hubby and Babies.
  • Take more steps toward healthy living.
  • Be more available.
  • Start sketching and drawing again.
  • Create more laughter in my world.
  • Start blogging again.
  • Read 6-8 books.
  • Establish ink & mouse for God's glory.
  • Become a better designer/artist.

I have also decided to claim a word of the year.  Ali Edwards (a well known scrapbook artist) has been inspiring people to pick "One Little Word" for each year.  I have joined her Big Picture Class to keep me accountable to stick to my word.  The word I have chosen for 2012 is, cherish.  The verse I found to inspire me is Proverbs 19:8,
The one who gets wisdom loves life; the one who cherishes understanding will soon prosper.
here we go two thousand and twelve...