I'm in the band.

When I heard Louie do this at a Chris Tomlin concert it rocked my world.  Completely changed the way I hear nature and worship my King.  I was reminded of this demonstration this past weekend when I had the opportunity to spend the weekend on a leader retreat.

We stood around a bonfire singing praises to our King. The mighty ocean crashing to the side of us, the crackling of the fire, the stars above our heads, and the sound of our voices in the quiet of an empty beach (except a dog barking but, I just think he was singing too).  Standing shoulder to shoulder with others on the same journey, it was overwhelming.  I am so tiny.  I am a speck on tiny's back.

No matter where we are or how we worship, God hears it all.  Can you imagine the symphony he hears every moment of every day?  He doesn't need us to sing praises to Him, He's got a world already praising Him.  Yet, He allows us to join the band.  Incredibly humbling. I encourage you to watch this video.  No matter what you believe, I am confident this will change your perspective.  Science is cool.