Confession.  I have too many apps on my iPhone.  I occasionally go through and get rid of apps I don't use and re-arrange my folders.  I love discovering new apps that help me get organized, keep me (and my kids) occupied during wait times, and streamline my workflow.  The best way to learn about a great app is word-of-mouth.  You tell me yours and I'll tell you mine!  Here is a snippet of some of my recent favorites:

Goby  We found this app last weekend while looking for something to do as a family.  I'm sure this isn't new to the app world but, it was new for me and I am going to be using this A LOT this summer.  I am sure I haven't even discovered all of its capabilities.  This app simply helps you find fun things to do!
Open Caching by Garmin.  We did this last weekend with the kids and it was soooo FUN.  They loved it!  We found 4 locations and discovered 3 treasures.  We will be exploring new places and searching for hidden treasure with this app.
Return Guru.  I am not a big "returner".  I can't keep track of all my receipts and coordinate them with my items to be returned.  I have lost a lot of money from not being able to return things.  Goodwill loves me for this but, my checkbook does not.  This is a very practical and easy to use app.  All you need to do is take a picture of your receipt with your phone.  Return Guru does the rest!  It processes the image and adds it to my personal list of receipts.  I used the app yesterday to return a sweatshirt and it was easy peasy!  No more clutter from saving all those receipts!
Instagram.  This is a great app for sharing pictures with friends.  I love taking pictures of my everyday life.  Its fun to see what my friends are up to during their day. As well as discover new places and friends across the globe.  The app allows me to share with other media platforms (like facebook & twitter) and it has some great filters.
Phototreats.  This is currently my favorite app for adding fun filters to my photos.
YouVersion Bible.  This app has opened a whole new world for my quiet times.  I use this app on Sundays and for daily studies.  I love having different versions at my fingertips and an endless library of studies to choose from.  It also allows sharing on social media, bookmarks, note taking capabilities, and highlighting are just a few of the options.  Great Bible app!
Logos Quiz.  I love this game!  A friend of mine shared it with me the other day and I was instantly hooked.  It is amazing how many logos are in our minds...try it, you'll see what I mean!  So, that is just a few of my favorites.

Tell me the apps you must have on your device or have made your life simpler...