I am working on purging our home of the things we never use, clutter, and excess. I am realizing that I am doing more "internal cleansing" than actual physical cleansing of things.  I am working on breaking habits and my thought process about the possessions we have (or want to have).  This is my process and in order for me to be successful, I've got to do it this way. My girlfriend, Karla, wrote a blog post today about the minimalist lifestyle and she reminded me of some great points.  Read her post about their journey to minimalism on her blog, "Living the Life Fantastic".  She reminded me that the minimalistic life looks different for every individual.

Today, I want to share one of the ways I have begun purging our home of clutter.  My kitchen cupboards.  What a daunting task!  I broke it down and decided to only focus on one cupboard at a time.  I started with our drinking glasses.  We've been married for over 15 years and have collected a mishmash of glasses.  We certainly have more than our family of five could ever need on any given day.  I was at Ikea a few weeks ago and saw these little juice glasses on sale. I bought 2 boxes with the idea that they would replace our mishmash collection.  I liked the size of these because our children are still learning how much is too much when they pour themselves a drink.

I came home and replaced the new with the old.  That felt so good!  Now, when I open that cupboard, there is a sense of order.
(I wish I had taken a before picture for you to see what a huge difference this made for this cabinet!  Lesson learned, before and afters from here on out!)

I heard a professional organizer talk about this very idea of making all plates, cups, and silverware the same because the cupboards and drawers are easier to keep clean.  Its true, there is less clutter in my cabinet now and I am excited to conquer the rest of my kitchen.

Here are the excuses (ehem, Q&A) I had with my material-self for this project:
Q: But, why throw out perfectly good glasses when they work just fine?
A: You've had these glasses for 15 years... they have done their job, let them retire.
Q: It seems like a waste of money to throw out the old glasses!
A: Who says I'm throwing them out? Goodwill and the local rummage sale will benefit.
Q: What if you have friends over and you don't have enough glasses?
A: We never have enough glasses anyway! We always tend to buy plastic for parties and gatherings.
Q: Well, I don't care if the glasses are mis-matched. I'm saving money and being practical.
A: All valid points but, we're grown ups now and we can afford to replace the old glasses. Our cupboards don't need to look like they did in our college days.  Let. Them. Go.

Next project... narrow down the plastic cups, mugs and sports bottles that the kids like to collect from every event we attend!