Shopping with Purpose

We all need to shop on occasion for a gift or to replace a worn out pair of sneakers.  This post is about encouraging you to think about being more intentional with your purchases.  There are a lot of companies out there who support great causes but, few who make it their mission to change the world.  You won't find many "sales" from these companies because there is a bigger picture than the bottom line of financials.  These companies are changing lives and they are giving us the opportunity to do the same.

Three of my favorite companies to support are:



One Week//One Cause

Each week


features a new shirt specially designed to support a different cause. 

World change is how they roll

.  100% of the funding goes to the cause (not operational costs) which is pretty fantastic if you ask me.  They are doing good everywhere.  They have supported organizations who focus on sex trafficking, autism, down syndrome, hunger, cancer, adoption, clean water, homelessness, eating disorders, education, child soldiers, and so many more.  If you have a cause near and dear to your heart,


has most likely supported it.  The reach of the


movement is across the globe and in many ways, immeasurable.  I also need to mention that the clothing designs are fab-u-lous.  I love the work of

Drew Milton

and his stuff is printed on


shirts which makes me happy.



One For One

With every purchase of a


product, a child in need will receive.  There are over 50 countries where


has connected with Giving Partners that assist Toms in developing products to meet the needs of those less fortunate.



.  They are the most comfortable slip-ons I've owned in a long time.

31 Bits.

Fashion For Good

Jewelry.  Beautiful, handmade jewelry.  I was introduced to 31 Bits by my friend,


last year.  I bought a necklace from her party and it is one of my most favorite pieces of jewelry.

Every time I wear this necklace, I think about the hands that made it.  The hands that rolled each piece of paper to create these beads.  The hands that strung them all together to make this necklace.  The hands that live across the world from me.

31 Bits

has created this amazing opportunity for Ugandan women to make and sell their jewelry.  not only does

31 Bits

bridge the gap between our worlds but, they are teaching these women a new way of life.  They support these women in all realms of life... health, business, community, finances, and education.

I am sure there are other companies out there who focus on being world changers.

If you have a favorite company that you support, let me know about it in the comments section!