Modern Convertible Torsade Necklace

I absolutely LOVE when I find a piece of jewelry that is versatile with so many outfits.  Not only does this necklace go with everything, it can be worn in so many different ways!  Totally worth the investment, in my opinion.


I also decided to pair the Convertible Torsade with my Tresors layering chains, giving another option for length!  I didn't add my charms but, think of the possibilities for endless styling potential!

Modern Convertible Torsade Necklace , $148 , N228B

Modern Convertible Torsade Necklace, $148, N228B

Tresors Layering Necklace Set, $48, N214B

Tresors Layering Necklace Set, $48, N214B


Available Online at: chloe+isabel