A Day In The Life

True confession, I collect checklists. I love them. They suck me in with their organizational awesomeness, their hope of task completion, and satisfaction of writing that check mark in the box. And, if they are pretty, forget it, I'm sold.

Today, I woke up at an ungodly hour and decided to own it and start my day early. (In fact, my kids are still sleeping! Three cheers for summer!) With the clarity of a new day ahead of me, I decided to jump in and get myself organized and ready for August. That means, you guessed it, a checklist! I sat down at my desk and this was my reality...

It looks like a pad of Post-It notes vomited. I was seriously tempted to clean up my space before snapping this photo but, I'm kind of sick to the bone of seeing everyone's "perfect side". I love to be clean and organized but, the reality is, I have two businesses, three kids, and an unrelenting need to be creative. Life needs to happen, dust bunnies can wait.

When I sat down at this mess of  desk, I started to deflate a little. There was a nasty little voice in my head telling me that there was no use in creating a checklist that I wouldn't use! Rude. I am making a choice to ignore that little scoundrel in my head and create the best darn checklist I've ever made. I have to keep pressing forward because if I don't nothing will change and I fear the Post-It note takeover.

What are your tools for keeping yourself organized? Do you use a planner? Would you share your organizing secrets with this scattered WAHM, please and thank you!