Oprah + Warby Parker

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Wearing glasses has become super fashionable. There are so many options for stylin' eyewear these days. I used to wear glasses before they were cool and my options were less than desirable. Its all good, I am loving my new eyeballs thanks to laser surgery (modern technology is pretty rad). So, why am I blogging about glasses? Because I have discovered another company that gives back and I love to support companies who are making this world better...
meet Warby Parker.

Photo From Warby Parker Website

Photo From Warby Parker Website

They have a program called "Buy a Pair, Give A Pair". Here is how it works:
Shop. You buy a pair of Warby Parker glasses.
Donate. Warby tallies up the number of glasses sold and make a monthly donation to their nonprofit partners, which covers the cost of sourcing that number of glasses.
Train. The nonprofit trains men and women in developing countries to give basic eye exams and sell glasses to their communities at affordable prices.
Go forth. These men and women work hard to spread awareness and make eyecare available to their communities.

I strongly believe in the whole "teach a man to fish" philosophy and that is what Warby Parker is doing with this program. Heck, even Oprah is on board and bought some Warbys!

Tweeted by Oprah/@Oprah "Just bought a bushel of Cool prescription glasses @warbyparker "

Tweeted by Oprah/@Oprah
"Just bought a bushel of Cool prescription glasses @warbyparker "

If you are in need of some new specs, check out the Warby Parker collections, they are so on trend!