Technology Tickets

I'm all for encouraging the free-spiritedness of summer except when it comes to technology.  We have to limit our technology time (this includes TV, Wii, computer, etc.)  Have you heard of Technology Tickets?  Well, I decided to make my technology ticket system a little different than some of the ideas I found HERE.

Here is what I came up with:
The kids can earn a technology ticket for completing an extra chore or when they "go that extra mile" (being kind, helping Mama or Dad with a project, obedience, sharing, etc.)  They can redeem them anytime they would like to extend their technology time.  Right now they are allowed 1 hour of computer time a day and 1 hour of TV time per day.
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Save to your computer and print.

I sat down to design the tickets and decided to leave the amount of time redeemable as a blank space.  Then I could decide on the amount of the ticket based upon what they did to earn it.  For example, let's say my son decided to wash our van.  That would earn him a 15 minute technology ticket.

If this idea sounds like it might be something you would like to try with your kids.  Feel free to click the image to save to your computer and print it out.  I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas on this as well!  Please come back and share with me.  This is new for us too so I will try to update on our progress with this new system.  Happy Summer!