Dear Sweet Amelia,

I woke you up this morning and I knew this would be a rough entry into the day. You were innocent to the reality we were about to tell you.  I watched you stretch and rub your eyes to get the "sleepies off".  You got dressed as the rest of us waited patiently in the living room.

Daddy and I continued to glance at each other with looks of sad understanding.  I knew that what we were about to tell you was going to hurt.  I knew that I would be unable to hug the pain away.  Helpless to protect you from a heartbreak.  I prayed fervently that God would surround you with His peace and comfort. We are so blessed, Baby, that we have hope in a loving God.  His divine love can comfort us where human efforts fall short.

We all sat down as a family and Daddy gently told you that your precious bird, Govnah, had passed away. This was your very first pet and you saved your money for months to purchase him.  You would continue to buy him little toys so his cage would be a "palace".  Yesterday, as you cleaned his cage, he was so cuddly with you which was out of character for him.  He must not have been feeling good and loved having you cradle him in your little hands.

I watched your face as the news slowly sunk in and my heart broke for you. You collapsed into my arms with tears flowing down your cheeks.  I held you as you cried, every part of me wishing you didn't have to be sad but, knowing God was growing your heart.

You had a good cry and carried on with your day.  I watched over you today, ready to swoop in and hold you or wipe another tear.  Today your strength and "wise beyond your years" perspective on life revealed itself once again.  I am sure moments of sadness will come for your Govnah and I will be there to cry with you and hug it better as best I can.

I love you so much, Jellybean.