Recycled Checklist

Over the past 4-5 months, my heart has been rocked by a new truth.  The truth that where I end up after this life, is not dependent on what I do.

I have been exposed to Christian ideals, practices, and teachings since I took my first breath.  It wasn't until I hit an "adolescent low" late in my teenage years that I made the choice to live for Jesus. I must confess, at the time that only encouraged me to create a mental "do-good checklist".  The list included things like, go to church every Sunday, follow the 10 Commandments, do your daily devotions, pray before meals, and on and on.  I  studied deeper theology in college and filled my brain with knowledge. The big problem was 14".  The inches from my head to my heart were disconnected.

I've heard a lot of "Do this! Do that!" preaching that continues to add more to my spiritual checklist, all with good intentions, I'm sure. But.

I'm over it. My checklist is being recycled.

I am tired of feeling guilt because I didn't join an official community group or go on a missions trip.  Loving Jesus means being on mission where I am, where He has called me.  I no longer want to live by trying to fulfill man's agenda for a spiritual life.
I just want to live by Jesus' checklist, "LOVE ME and KNOW ME".
That is all I have to do, love & know Jesus.

What God has placed in my heart should compel me to move.  When Jesus was faced with a hungry crowd of people at the end of a long day, he saw their need for food, he felt compassion for them, and he moved into action (Mark 8:1-13).  He was on mission right where he stood.
I am hearing a lot of move and you will know God.
I want to know God and move.
I could feed a city of hungry people, I could travel into the depths of a third world country, I could serve a million Sundays in the nursery at church, I could give away every penny I have in the name of Jesus and none of it would change my eternal status.  If He calls me to something, I will go.  No more feeling pressure from others to do what is outside of God's plan for me.  He is the author of my days and because he wrote the world into existence, I will trust him.

In Titus 3:5-7, it says that Jesus came to save me.  No way did I earn it by good works or righteous deeds, he came out of mercy.  He revealed a new life through the Holy Spirit by giving up his life for mine.  Its already been done, covered by Jesus' blood.  Out of God's grace I am allowed to enter His family and become His heir, for eternity.  So there is no amount of service projects I can do that will save me more than I've already been saved.  Its like trying to climb a mountain when I've already reached the top!
For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith ~ and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God ~ not by works, so that no one can boast.
Ephesians 2:8-9