Leaving Margin

I have to slow down to keep my sanity... anyone else relate? If you have the "Jesus Calling" devotional, today's post was inspired by what I read this morning, April 22.  I love how God is in every detail. I almost skipped my quiet time because my day is so full and, fancy that, today's message was about responding to God's initiatives, not our own attempts of control.

Today's calendar is packed. It's one of those days I look at all of my commitments and think, "it's time to run for the hills". Thankfully, I took a minute to be with Jesus. He died so I could be free from the chains of trying to plan my every moment. If I fill my thoughts, focus, and time with my plans, I can't hear Him.


Stop. Wait. Listen. This will be my mantra today. This is a huge challenge because my plans leave no room for margin (boo!) I would much rather live abundantly in His plan (yesch!)

Proverbs 19:21 reminded me, "Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the Lord ’s purpose that prevails."

I want to live out His will and purpose for my life and hear is how I will approach my day...

stop. Intentionally create margin in my day.

wait. Be patient for God's prompting or nudge.

listen. Quiet the noise of life so I can hear God's voice of peace and guidance.

Do you struggle with a crazy schedule? Is life spinning out of control?  I'm ready to release my grip on controlling my schedule, I'm so ready. Do you want to live abundantly?