Who Me?

Over the past year, God has been moving me in a direction I wasn't sure I wanted to go. He has gently guided me to the right people, the right resources and the right timing. He is always right and I tend to forget, because, human-ness.

Last Fall, I was asking God to show me where he wanted me to take my business. What could I do with my gifts and talents to honor Him and draw others into a relationship with Him? I had no idea how He would respond or if I was ready to hear His answer. The answer came pretty quick and it made me gasp. You know those moments of surprise and doubt that kind of take your breath away? He responded with, "Let's make a book about prayer!" [insert shocked emoji face] Um, come again? Do what now?

I make things pretty with colors, patterns, textures and fonts, not words. After resisting for a little bit, I threw my hands in the air and said, "Ok. Sure. Let's go." Over the course of this past year I've been writing and studying and dreaming. And you know what? I still do not feel qualified to make this book. At lunch, my husband said, "Ya know, Moses didn't feel qualified either." And then, gave me that look that said, you can do this. Love him.

I've been holding this project close to my heart for so many reasons like fear, comparison and insecurity. This project feels so different and big and awesome and scary. I am excited to share some of the experiences and process I've had over the last few months but, I'll save those for upcoming blog posts.

I've been re-designing and updating my website behind the scenes in preparation for this new focus in my business. I had hoped to launch it in a few weeks (or months). The new site design that I had secretly been working on, the one I planned to launch in the future, I discovered it had gone live without me knowing! I laughed and realized once again that God moves even when we aren't ready.

You can expect some new things happening here at ink & mouse! Clearly, it isn't up to me when its going to happen but, I will continue to hold on for the ride. Are you with me?