Soul Movement

Have you ever wondered why sunsets, sunrises, foodie pictures and selfies are so common on social media? In my opinion, it basically comes down to this... beauty moves your soul to react. When we witness something awesome, beautiful or moving, we try to capture that emotion with our camera. We share them because we want others to feel connected to the emotion we are experiencing. This is is not based on scientific fact, just my observation. Let's just go with it for a sec, mmm-kay?

Your hungry and the burger staring at you from your plate is the most beautiful thing you've seen all day.  It almost brings a tear to your eye as you snap a pic to share with all the internet. The delicious creation of that burger, about to be devoured by your hanger, deserves a spotlight for a second. Fist-bump, right? Beauty moves your soul to react.

Seeing a sunrise can take my breath away. When I saw this one, I stepped on the brake in my car and I was filled with wonder that brought a smile to my face. I slug-bugged my son's arm, pointed and stated, "Holy cow. Look at the sky!" In a matter of two seconds, viewing this sunrise triggered a reaction through my entire body. The beauty of this sky was delicately designed by God and untouched by man.
Good. Morning. Beauty moved my soul to react.

You finally got out of your active wear and decided to throw on some make-up. You realize its been awhile since your last good hair day but, today, your hair is awe-some. You pieced together an outfit that boosts confidence in your appearance. Amen. You love the way you feel in those new accessories. You are beautiful so, show everyone what God made is good, go on Sister, its selfie time. Beauty moves your soul to react.

Can you imagine how our days would change if everyone shared the beauty that surrounds them? We need to start praising God more and thanking Him for all he does. Let's pay closer attention to the details around us. Let's be grateful for those wonderful things and share them because beauty causes souls to stir.

Keep smiling, because life is a beautiful thing
and there’s so much to smile about.
-Marilyn Monroe-