Doorpost Printables

Have you seen the Doorpost Printables in my shop yet? I was a little reluctant to launch printables in my shop because I didn't want to be like all the other designers out there releasing beautiful art and quote printables. As I prayed about it, the Holy Spirit reminded me that there is plenty of room for everyone and my printables were going to meet a specific need. if you want to learn more about the heart behind the Doorpost Printables, visit my Encouragement Corner.

This is an example of how I forget that God is so much bigger than my tiny perspective. *palm to forehead*

My Doorpost Printables will come in a variety of sets. The first one I released is the Proverbs set. I put these up around my home right away and have found myself encountering these verses exactly when I need to see them. I love having reminders of God's grace throughout my home.


Here are some ideas for the Doorpost Printables:

  • get some cute washi tape to hang them on your bathroom mirrors
  • frame them and place them next to your coffee maker for encouragement when waiting for your liquid energy.
  • write a note to a friend on the back
  • tie up a set with a pretty ribbon and give them as a gift set.
  • dress up your office space with Doorposts that will help you stay focused on what's really important.
  • use it as a gift tag

I suggest using a thicker card stock paper to print them for durability. You could even laminate them if you had a fancy lamination machine! Do you have an idea for your Doorpost Printables? I'd love to hear how you can use these in your daily lives.

Download the Proverbs set HERE.