Let's go.

Kicking up another blog feels daunting and exciting all at once. I have been blogging for over 15 years on various platforms and in different seasons. This new season brings me into a new perspective of vulnerability, humility, and passion. I used to spend days editing, writing, and designing blog posts with hopes that my post will "change the world".  Am I alone in feeling that way about blogging? I mean, I am putting my heart out there for all to read and critique. Blogging is not for the faint of heart. I have challenged myself to blog again because the Holy Spirit is taking me down a new path that requires my voice. That is terrifying. In obedience, I will begin to blog and try my best not to edit myself too much.

My word of the year is TRUTH and I am doing my best to seek out what that means. In a world full of perfect "selfies", I want to be transparent and real. So, here is a truth for the day... when I take a selfie, its usually number 27 that I actually filter the heck out of and share on social media. I should stop doing that because its not a true reflection of who I am, I digress.

Here it is. My fresh, new blog adventure. Let's go.