God is still at school.

I was asked to speak to a handful of high school students about graphic design. I jumped at the chance because high schoolers are cool and they teach me stuff. I love taking every opportunity to remind them that they can change the world.

As I was escorted into a giant room that looked like a college classroom complete with a projector screen and very high ceilings. The students seemed tense and I was a little nervous. I said a little prayer under my breath, I asked God to just speak through me and let these kids hear what He needed them to hear.

They all sat at one long table facing the front of the room and I grabbed a chair to face my audience. The questions began. Each of them had compiled a list of about 20-30 questions and they took turns asking me all the things about graphic design. It was thrilling. I'm not gonna lie, I loved talking about how I went from a degree in Interior Design to owning a scrapbook company to being a graphic designer. These were my People. They wanted to learn about the business, the creativity funks, the challenges, the rewards... it was pretty awesome. Their questions were extremely thoughtful and came shooting at me like water from a sprinkler. I expected questions like what's your salary, what are your hours, do you like what you do? Some of those questions were asked but, its the deeper questions I really enjoyed answering. There was one question in particular that struck me...

How did you manage to succeed in your career?

I'll be honest, the answer that came out of my mouth was directly from the Holy Spirit. I answered by stating that I don't believe we succeed alone. I told them that I believed in God and when I look back over my accomplishments, there is no way I could have succeeded without Him. I don't think we ever do anything alone. He moves through our friends, family, teachers, and people in our lives to help us get through life. I finished my answer with, "God gets credit for everything I've done because if it were up to me, I would have failed hard."

As these words poured out of my mouth, I half expected a team of security guards to charge the room and kick me out for speaking God's truth in a public high school. It didn't happen. Instead, two of the students exclaimed "Amen!" I realized in that moment that God is still in schools and we should never be afraid to share our stories. God is living among the students, the staff, and the crazy volunteer graphic design speaker. He is always with us and He brings hope.

As the questions came to an end, the students and I couldn't believe the time was up. I learned from their thoughtful questions and hopefully, they learned something from me. I trust that God was in that room, moving through hearts and stirring up dreams.