Summer learning.

No, this post will not be about how my daughter learned Chinese or my son answered an impossible math equation over the summer. Its about jumping into summer and realizing what it is and what it is not. It's about crushed expectations and new perspectives.

Summer is not...

  • a time for me to catch up on my scrapbooks.
  • to teach my kids new life skills.
  • a time for me to read all the books on my nightstand.
  • a chance for me to connect with other Moms outside of school hallways and car pick-up lines.
  • an opportunity to try that Pinterest DIY I pinned last April.
  • a great excuse to organize my closet.
  • to take naps.
  • to catch up on work things I've neglected
  • to have an uninterrupted conversation... with anyone.

Summer is...

  • a time for sleeping in.
  • not for making school lunches.
  • bonfires and smores.
  • a break from homework.
  • a time to watch my kids laugh, play and be kids.
  • the occasional getaway.
  • staying up late.
  • last minute meals.
  • laying in the sunshine.
  • for lots of family time.
  • for iced chai tea.

ps, there was no Chinese learning and no math equation solving. There was gaming, massive sleeping in, and movie marathons. And we may of had chocolate for breakfast.

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