Font Love.

I refuse to admit how many fonts I own because I'm not sure I could count that high. Just kidding but, seriously, its a lot. When clients come to me with a project and the perfect type can not be found in my collection, I must font shop. Of course, when seeking the perfect font for my clients, I stumble across other "must have" fonts for future projects. I have procured quite the lovely collection of fonts. It's a sickness that I refuse to be ashamed of!

You've seen those favorite font collections all over Pinterest, right? That is where I have found some of my favorite fonts! I decided to put together my own Top 10 favorite fonts and share them with my readers. Can I just tell you how hard it was to only choose TEN favorites? I feel like my other fonts will think I don't love them, but I totally do. Here are my Top Ten favorite fonts and links to where you can find them (below):

Some of these fonts have "free versions" available. Buyer beware, if its free, you may not get all the letters or flexibility with italics, bold, glyphs, etc. Free fonts are great for personal projects! I am linking up with the websites where I found the font or the original font creator.

Amelian Script:
Brayden Script:
Shepia Script:
Stand By Slab:
Water Street:

What are your favorite fonts right now? Do you have a huge font collection like me?