Skulls + Rainbows

I remember being a kid and staring into the vending machine, desperate for whatever was inside. Candy, toys, stickers, tattoos, anything, I just wanted my prize. I did all the begging and pleading as if my childhood depended on it. Sometimes, my parents would hand me change to retrieve my prize and I thanked them like I was accepting an Oscar. Then I would insert my money, turn the knob and cross my fingers that the perfect item would drop into the shoot. I sometimes got the sticker sheet of pandas and rainbows but, other times, I got the tattoo sheet of dragons and skulls.

I go through phases in my life where I feel like I'm standing in front of a vending machine, desperate for what I see on the other side of the glass. I have to practice my patience until my Heavenly Father gives me the "okay" or the "not today". I realize that if I'm impatient to get the prize, I may end up with a sheet full of skull tattoos when I could get the rainbow stickers. I still get a sheet of something but, one would be more suited for me than the other.

I see what I want and how God has written my story to get me here. I must be patient to get the rainbows.

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