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Its only day three of Back To School and I'm already having a tough time in the mornings. I know we all have to re-learn the routine but, frazzled is not my jam.

SCENARIO A: The kids wake up refreshed from a good night sleep because they went to bed at a decent hour. Their homework is complete and lunches are packed in their backpacks. They eat a healthy breakfast (or some kind of food). We have time to chat about the day and pray together before they leave for school. They are dressed and ready to head out the door.

SCENARIO B: The kids hit snooze on their alarm clock at least 17 times and I've come into the room to drag them out of bed at least 4 times. Homework is spread out across the house and no one has packed their lunches, where are their lunchbags anyway? One kid eats two bites of cereal, another kid doesn't have time to eat breakfast, and the third one took so long to eat he forgot his jacket while running to the bus. Someone can't find their shoe, another doesn't have pants to wear, and the other can't find their backpack. One leaves the house angry because they couldn't wear their favorite shirt, one leaves without saying goodbye, and the other runs to catch the bus because they were sidetracked by playing with the cat.

Its pretty obvious which scenario we would all choose and its my responsibility to try and make SCENARIO A become the standard. The last few days have been SCENARIO B. Every new school year gets me desperate for routine and organizing my nest. I L-O-V-E making chore charts, checklists, and task sheets. Having a simple list of tasks helps keep us on track for successful mornings before school. I create a new chore chart or task sheet every year!

When I sat down to create these new task sheets, I wanted to keep them simple and basic. As they get older, the need for elaborate chore charts and reward systems are not necessary. They need upfront and easy to learn expectations. Instead of nagging my kids, I can now refer to the task sheets like so...

"Did you complete your after school tasks? Yes? Great, then you can play Minecraft!"

Let's be honest, keeping track of 3 kids and all their activities, homework, and hygiene can be overwhelming. Teaching them to take ownership over these tasks will definitely help establish some good habits and prayerfully, calm the morning rush to school.

Here are a few other ideas for the task sheets:

  • daily chores
  • print one set for each child
  • put in a frame and use a dry erase marker on the glass to fill-in your tasks each day
I'm still trying to figure out the best place for our Family Command Center so, the task sheets will go on our fridge with cute washi tape for now.

I'm still trying to figure out the best place for our Family Command Center so, the task sheets will go on our fridge with cute washi tape for now.

Click the following links to download the printable PDFs:



Let me know if these task sheets work for you and feel free to share with your friends! I would love to hear from you in the comments section. Cheers to a new school year!