A page from my Happiness Planner.

A page from my Happiness Planner.

I've been working my tail off to set myself up for success in 2016. I want to be ready when God reveals His plan, I see little seeds of where He is taking me and I have been working toward the dream. I have been soaking up business knowledge and resources like a Bounty paper towel.
And, I still feel a bit clueless, lost, and frustrated. I know in my heart this will be a year of growth and change for my business, yet I am unsure of exactly what the future holds. Is that completely strange to be working so hard for an unknown target?


In my last blog post, I mentioned that I would share some of my progress with goal-setting,  resources and tools I've been working with to get my business ready for 2016. Here we go...


1. SCHEDULE. I have found extreme value in making time to plan. I've chosen a specific plan/dream time for myself (Monday evenings while my daughter is at volleyball practice). When my days are set-up with a plan, I am much more likely to accomplish tasks. I also take a few minutes to review the steps I've made toward my goals. This process usually takes me about 10-15 minutes. What a huge difference it has made in my daily progress!

2. WRITE IT DOWN. My days have always been directed by the alarms on my smartphone. This is no way for a human to live, friends, technology is not the boss of me. I invested in the Happiness Planner for this year. I seriously love it. I haven't let go of my smartphone because that would be ludicrous; I use my phone with the planner. The planner allows me to see the bigger picture of my day and plan ahead for the week and month. I can coordinate personal with business in a simple and achievable manner. Bonus alert, crossing things off a checklist is the most gratifying experience ever. Smartphones are joy-stealers when it comes to marking off items of a checklist.

I don't see it as coincidence that I experienced a momentary break from pursuing my dream the other night, it was a Divine intervention. It is so easy to get emotionally derailed from a plan. I simply came across an instagram post that crushed me. I allowed comparison to bully me into a corner. Someone else had my same vision and they were miles ahead of me. I allowed myself to be pulled down by negative thoughts. You guys, within in an hour of seeing that post, I was going to give up on my dream just because someone else was already living it. That is ridiculousness and that is why establishing and writing down goals is so important. Because it took me 5 minutes to look at my goals and realize, God has me on a special journey, I can't walk away from that!

Goals in writing are dreams with deadlines.

3. GOALS vs. TASKS vs. TO DOs. I'm forty+ and have never even realized there was a difference between goals, tasks and to do lists. Welcome to adulting, Carrie. I am learning the art of breaking it all down into bite size pieces. In a nutshell, it looks like this,

  • Goals are the big picture, the prize, the end result.
  • Tasks are the action steps to moving toward your goal.
  • To Do items are the tangible things we do to accomplish the tasks.

Here is an example of a goal I set up for this year and how I've written it out:

Goal= Create a Brand Ambassador Program by April 1st.
Task= Establish Invitation, Facebook Group and Expectation Guidelines.
To Do= Write guidelines, set-up facebook group, invite members.

I don't have this whole goal setting thing mastered yet but, breaking it down like this really helps me manage the day-to-day. Writing out my goals keeps me focused on my priorities, it protects me from getting completely side tracked by emotions. Let's face it, I'm a girl and emotions are a big part of who I am. With goal setting, I can feel the feels and stay on course. Here are some of the goals I've been dreaming up:

  • Establish a solid business plan. (happy to say, I am close to completing this goal!)
  • Continue writing my Prayer Planner.
  • Create and design a line of inspirational stationery products.


1. MY KNEES. I'm talking to God a lot because I know when things are cool between us, everything else will fall into place. He is my b-e-s-t advice giver.

2. FREE WEBINARS. I have been taking advantage of the free webinars that experts are sharing. In the last week I have participated in two free webinars, one on goal setting and one about writing. These provide such valuable wisdom from those that have gone before me. I also love the boost of inspiration and motivation I get from webinars.

3. BLOG PLANNER. I discovered the best planner for blogging. I have been lacking on my organization for writing and when I discovered this planner, the light bulb came on. If you are a blogger (or wannabe, like me) you have to check out this free tool "The Ultimate Blog Planner" by Designer Blogs (they make beautiful blog templates too!)

4. PINTEREST. Duh, right? This platform is mega useful for finding articles, blogs, visual candy and more. Feel free to follow me there, I pin everything from fonts to tattoo inspiration: My Pinterest

5. GROUPS. I have connected to other like-minded women through utilizing the wonderful group pages on Facebook. Each group I am a part of pours into my heart, mind and soul in different ways. I am a part of a writers group, a Sisterhood entrepreneur group, the Happiness Planner group (a perk with purchasing the planner!), and a group hosted by a darling Life Coach. Each group allows me to find support and education as I grow my heart and business. I highly encourage you to find your tribe(s) and plug-in.

Sorry this post got a little long but, its tough for me to summarize all of the things I've been learning, applying and accomplishing! It has been a very productive start to 2016! It is my hope that you will be inspired to revive your dreams, resolutions, goals, vision... whatever you are chasing, go for it!