A-Z Prayer Challenge

One of my desires for 2016 is get to know God better. My plan for that is to talk to him more often. I am really excited to launch a prayer challenge for some intentional prayer time! One of the ways I've learned to pray is by using the alphabet. This idea came from my dear Aunt & Uncle. When my Aunt shared her process of prayer time, I fell in love with the idea and I hope you will too. Every day, she prays through the alphabet lifting up specific people by name. (I'm telling you, it is a unique and precious gift to have others praying over you daily.)

1 Timothy 2:1 Voice

I would love for you to join me and others as we take a few moments out of our day to be intentional with our prayers. Let's pray through the alphabet together! On February 1st, we will begin with the letter A and continue each day with a new letter. I will post the letter prompt along with scripture and inspiration on my ink and mouse Facebook page (click over to like my page so you don't miss anything!). I would love to see our social media feeds flooded with prayer warriors taking on this challenge. Will you join me?

Ways to participate:

  1. MARK YOUR CALENDAR. If you visit my EVENTS page, click on the A-Z Prayer Challenge. You can set up the event in your calendar by clicking Google Calendar or ICS.
  2. LIKE the ink and mouse Facebook page where I will post the daily prompts. CLICK HERE.
  3. SHARE the letter of the day on your facebook, instagram, twitter or any social media of your choice.
  4. INVITE friends to join you in prayer.
  5. COMMENT with your prayers on social media to encourage others with things they can lift up in prayer.
  6. PRINT the A-Z Prayer Challenge list in the free printable section. You can begin to fill-in your alphabet prayer list and start praying over your alphabet daily or take one letter a day.

I admit I am a tad nervous because I have never hosted a challenge like this before! Even as I type this post, I feel the doubt, fears, and insecurities creeping in. My excitement to see how God will grow our hearts in connection with him, far outweighs my fears about stepping into a prayer challenge. I really want to meet God on a deeper level this year and the accountability of this challenge will be so good. Have a wonderful weekend and I'll see you on Monday to begin our A-Z prayers!