Prayer Time

What does prayer really mean? Why do I have to talk to God? How do I pray the right way? Is there a right way??

One thing I am certain of is that my prayers are unique, private conversations between me and God, its our special relationship. There are endless suggestions on how to pray but, there is no wrong way to talk with God, you simply need a willing heart.

Each of us were designed with such intricate detail, why wouldn't our relationship with God be unique? Our prayer time is conversation with a King and that can be intimidating yet, that King, he is incredibly approachable. He delights in hearing from us. Let that sink in a sec, he delights in you – the King of Kings - Maker of the entire spinning world, he delights in you.

Spending time in conversation with God is a discipline that takes time to develop. From quick prayers like, "Jesus, please open up a parking spot near the front door." To those times when you are quiet before Him. When you ignore your phone, chores, work, and family and take a few moments to talk with God. That is your time to connect your heart to God. The more you do it, the more natural it feels.

I recently wrapped up my A to Z Prayer Challenge where I was joined by others to pray through the alphabet. Somewhere mid-alphabet, I had a heart switch. There were a few letters that I didn't have anyone to pray for and kind of just sat before God and said, "Well, I don't know anyone to pray for sooooo, if you know of someone, then I lift them up to you." I can't remember what letter it was (its really not important) but, I heard the Holy Spirit whisper something so profound...

"Pray for God."

Can you imagine sitting down with a friend over coffee and spilling your beans all over the table and never returning the favor? In the words of Stephanie Tanner, "How rude!"

That's kind of what this light bulb moment felt like for me. I began to pray for God, for His kingdom, for all of his amazing-ness. It stopped being about me and was all about Him. It was such a simple switch in my brain, to pray for God not just to him. It was pretty incredible.

I really enjoyed praying for my friends and family during the A to Z Prayer Challenge. Did you participate in the challenge? I would love to hear in the comments what you learned or if it had an impact on you in anyway.