I am writing to you today to share a couple of things that have been happening with me and ink & mouse. Most of you know that over the past year, I have felt God calling me to write a book or develop a tool to encourage women in their prayer time with God. I have spent this last year seeking out, praying and researching what that means for me and my business.

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to attend the IF:Gathering conference and was completely wowed (is that a real word???) by what God spoke to my heart. One of the whispers I heard was to stop telling myself that I can’t do stuff. You see, in my head I have been listening to these annoying voices telling me that I can’t make this project happen, that I can’t speak in public, that I don’t have what it takes to pull it all together. I was totally believing the lies and I wanted them to stop. You know what I did? I took a big ole spotlight and pointed it at the darkness. I’m over it, ya know, living in a state of fear and uncertainty. I was so encouraged by the women who spoke at the conference, they were beaming with humility and boldness.

I believe this is the time to launch what has been brewing in my soul for years but, especially the past few months. I feel like I’m ready to burst! I am so excited and trying desperately not to let that fear sneak in because darkness is a jerk face. I still have some things to line up before formally launching the new product and this is where I need you. I will be selecting an exclusive group of Ladies to be a part of helping me develop and promote my products. I would like you to meet the Brand Ambassador Program for true lovely good.

This will be a new process for me but, I can not launch all the things God has placed on my heart alone. I need willing hearts to pray along with me, to test the products and to provide honest feedback. The program will grow and develop as time presses on but, I must start somewhere.

If you are interested in partnering with me, here are a few traits I am looking for with this exclusive group of Ladies:

Transparency. I need women willing to be honest in their relationship with God. A Brand Ambassador will be testing products that help you grow in a deeper relationship with God. I can't see us discussing the products without digging in to what you are learning and how you are growing.

Seasons. No matter the season of life you find yourself in, we could all use a little more time on our knees talking with God. I would love to see a variety of ages, stages and depth of women to apply.

Reach. We are all called to make disciples. That looks so different for every woman. Introverts and Extroverts are welcome. Single? 15 kids? Business woman? Blogger? Entrepreneur? Retired Empty-Nester? Your family, neighborhood, community, workplace, ministry or interwebs... you're reach matters.

Time. I understand the hustle of life and I will not require much of your time. This is something you can do from the comfort of your own home. My hope is that you will be able to help me shape the products to fit into your day seamlessly.

Interested in applying? Read more about my heart and expectations for the Brand Ambassador Program on the true lovely good introduction page of my website or go ahead and submit your application here:


You guys, even if you are not in a place to jump into this program, your prayers and encouragement are priceless. Thank you for all of the support you have been given me through conversation, texts, emails and phone calls. You are lovely. Let's GO.