I love to read.  My favorite genre is historical fiction but, I definitely like to spread my reading across different types of books.  Usually, I just wait until someone recommends a book but that often times leaves me with a void between reads.  I can easily get out of the habit of reading and I don't like that!  My goal this year is to read 6-8 books.  I decided to start searching Amazon to begin my list and here are some that I have added to my wish list:
The only book on the list above that anyone had recommended is "Kisses From Katie"...I have read her blog and can't wait to dig into her story!  The others I found searching and browsing various links on Amazon.  Do me a favor, if you've read any of the above books and they weren't worth your time, could you let me know?  Thanks!

Here is a list of some books I have read recently:
I would also love to hear your recommendations on some of your favorite reads (classics, current, all-time-favorites).

Cherish your day.