Treasuring the Miraculous.

There is this fantastic idea floating around the interwebs about creating a "Joy Jar" for the year. Every time something brings you joy, you write it down and place it in your jar. At the end of the year, you get to read them all and reflect upon all the good things that have happened in your life. I was completely on board with this idea and was planning on making a joy jar for our family until last Sunday...

Pastor Mike was teaching about living a life of expectancy, being ready for God to show up in the every day. He had this big Home Depot bucket up on stage with him where he proceeded to explain that in this upcoming year, he was going to fill the bucket with miracles that he witnessed. He was calling it his "Miracle Bucket". I loved the similarity to the joy jar idea but, Mike's perspective was eternal and I'm all about that.

In order to see the miracles God is doing around us, we have to have a heart of gratitude. Miracles look different today than they did when Jesus walked the earth. A miracle can mean an unexpected check appears in your mailbox. Or, as Mike pointed out, when you roll into the gas station on fumes.

(True story, that happened to me yesterday, its so going in the jar.)

Whether you use a cup, a jar or a bucket, let's spend this next year expecting miracles to happen everyday. And then, let's write them down so our cup/jar/buckets can overflow with God's mercy, love and faithfulness. Let's treasure the miraculous in our lives.

I made a printable sheet that you can use to write down your miracles. They will fit in a business card holder which is perfect so you can have them ready to jot down your miracles.


Will you join me? Maybe we could use the hashtag #treasuredmiracle on social media to be inspired and encouraged by what God is doing in each others lives.

Are you ready to expect miracles to happen in your life?