You have taken note of my journey through life,
caught each of my tears in Your bottle...
Psalm 56:8

Image Source: Google Images

Image Source: Google Images

Ask anyone in my family and they will tell you I am a big ole cry-baby.
I cry when I hear children sing.
I cry during movies.
I cry when I see something overwhelmingly cute.
I cry when I'm nervous.
I cry during commercials.
I cry when I'm super mad.
I cry when I feel passionately about something.
I cry when I step on a Lego. Who doesn't?
I cry when someone else cries.
I'm a mess when men cry.
I cry with laughter over the silliest things.

For some reason, crying or showing emotion other than joy was considered tabu when I was growing up? For a good majority of my life, I suppressed my natural impulse to cry for fear of being perceived as irrational, emotional or weak. I thought keeping my tears hidden would allow me to be stronger. I would get so stressed out about trying not to cry that the tears flowed even more. I'm not saying I was very good at keeping my tears hidden, but I sure as heck tried. Crying meant shame for me.

As I've drawn closer to my heavenly Father, I understand how precious I am to Him. Every tear I've shed, He has captured and saved. I think He even keeps the tears I desperately try to hide in my eyelids. He cherishes me. I wonder what the plan is for all of those tears in heaven anyway? Why is my Lord saving them? Possibly, it will be a reminder of His love for me as we walked together through my earthly journey.

I have learned that crying, even ugly crying, is beautiful. I am created to feel. To love. To have compassion. Tears are a release of the feelings I can not express with words. Tears show strength, not weakness. Tears reveal my vulnerability. And to be vulnerable is to show strength. Even in those emotional swings of "the curse". Amen.

You may have seen an article floating around social media about a study of tears? I wanted to share it here on my blog because it is so stunning. Seeing how even the intricate detail of tears is a work of art from God is simply breath-taking.

I urge you to take a look at the website of Rose-Lynn who created and administered this study about tears.

The Topography of Tears by Rose-Lynn Fisher