About Me

I'm a California transplant living in the suburbs of Portland, Oregon with my husband, our three teenagers, a golden retriever and a rescue kitty.

A quick run down of my resume includes…

  • a degree in interior design

  • stationery designer

  • scrapbook manufacturer

  • retail visual merchandiser

  • independent graphic designer

My pursuit to learn graphic design and create stationery products began in 2000. It took me 11 years to take my hobby and launch it into a full blown business. Today, I continue to learn new techniques, design concepts and grow as a designer on a daily basis.

I struggle to find words to describe what happens when I sit at my computer to create. It is a sacred time between me and God. Everything that flows out of my office and into your hands has been prayed over and designed with intentionality. This isn't just a business, it is my calling and my ministry.

It is my hope that what I bring to the table would be a catalyst for you to build an abundant relationship with God, discover beauty in simplicity, and find balance in the world around you.

Grateful you are here! Have a look around and don’t hesitate to contact me for collaboration, a special project or simply to say hello.

Truly Yours,

Carrie Postma

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I’m Carrie

I am over here creating products and services that capture the simple beauty in the things of life to help you focus on what is true, lovely and good.