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Waiting and Pancakes

Waiting and Pancakes

He has enlightened us to the great mystery at the center of His will. With immense pleasure, He laid out His intentions through Jesus, a plan that will climax when the time is right as He returns to create order and unity—both in heaven and on earth—when all things are brought together under the Anointed’s royal rule.
— Ephesians 1:9-10 The Voice

Our world is in a bunch of hurt that reaches to every corner of the globe. Recent events have torn families, friendships, governments and countries apart. When we look around at what is happening in our world, it can leave us struggling to make sense of humanity. I find myself holding my breath, simply waiting for something good.

In Ephesians, we are reminded that God set into motion a plan through the life of his son, Jesus. A plan to bring peace and unity to heaven and earth. In His perfect timing, he will make everything right.

You see, right now we are in the waiting room of God's great healing. His plan was broken in the Garden yet, restored through the life of his son, Jesus. But, guess what? He has placed you at the center of your world to cause ripples of healing.

You and me, friend, we are called into a greatness that only we can fulfill. Our unique lives are a part of God's big plan to bring hope into this broken world. Every breath, every life is building momentum to the completion of what God began through Jesus Christ.

Are you stepping up to the task?

We must discover our purpose within God's plan. We've got to be actively living our purpose in the day-to-day routines. Are you a Mom? A Teacher? A Pastor? An Artist? Be aware of how God is working through you and the special talents he's given you. When our hearts and minds are focused on God's plan, the dirty, nitty-gritty of the world seems palpable simply because we understand its in very capable hands.... which are not ours, in case you missed that. You need to rise up and get to work changing those diapers, teaching those students, loving those co-workers and being 100% you.

The other day, I witnessed my son's youth Pastor living out his purpose. He had invited my son and a group of seventh grade boys to breakfast. It was the 7th snow day for the kids on the heels of Winter Break and most of Oregon had shut down for a few days. Routines were broken, meetings rescheduled, events cancelled and life was on pause. Our youth Pastor could have gone about his day (I'm sure he had a million things to do), instead, he took the opportunity to connect with middle school guys.

I'm pretty sure "take boys to breakfast" is not in his job description. He took them because he has found his purpose. He is living out his role in God's big plan. His heart is to see those boys grow up to be uncommon men that follow in the footsteps of Jesus. I am 100% confident that if Jesus was living in Portland, Oregon, he would have had pancakes with a group of seventh grade boys too. Jesus spent his time here on earth with 12 of his closest Bro's and they ate and talked and did what they were called to do. That is where its at... connection and purpose and maybe some delicious pancakes.

Father, I want to thank you for gifting each of us with unique talents and stories. As we wait for your return, may we honor you by stepping up to the unique calling you have placed on our lives. I ask that you forgive us when we listen to the lies that we aren’t qualified or less than good enough. Lord, we know that because you live within us, we have the power to change our world. Thank you for giving us strength to wait while you bring healing to the brokenness around us. God, we sure do love you.
— Amen.


Actively Waiting

Actively Waiting