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Planner Wars

Planner Wars

In this incredible age of technology, why on earth would I use a paper planner? For years I have attempted to run my business, keep track of my kids activities, sports, school and be the social coordinator for our family using only digital apps. I’m exhausted from trying to keep up with new technology and upgrades. Call me old fashioned but, there is a level of comfort and reliability in the good ole method of pen and paper.


In the battle of digital vs. paper planners, paper is #winning in my eyes! I'd love to share some thoughts on using digital and paper.

Line of sight.

Seeing my entire day, week or month laid out on paper gives me a better grip on how to get from Monday to Friday. It isn’t just about looking forward but, being able to see the accomplishments of my past. I have also read a few articles about how writing things down allows our brains to absorb more details, building a better memory muscle.

Distraction central.

They show me their little technology. But then they sit there tapping on their device, and by the time they’ve gone through all the log-ins and downloading, I’ve already flipped the page.
— Nelson George, NY Times*

When I pick up my digital device, I am immediately sucked into a world of notifications, swiping, scrolling, beeping, deleting, zooming and responding. I just want to enter an appointment without getting the third degree, okay? I know where my nail salon is, why do I have to enter the location every single time? (It is quite possible there are less questions on a medical form.) With a paper planner, you just flip it open and jot down the appointment. Done, no fuss. Bonus, I don’t have to worry about battery life or the latest updates.

It’s personal.

All digital and paper planners are designed with a purpose, to get us organized. Here’s the thing, the moment you start using a planning system, it becomes unique to you, whether in digital or on paper. I have seen some of the most beautifully organized paper planners that use stickers, handwritten calligraphy, art, photos and colored pencils. Then there are others who have spreadsheets color-coded in a digital format that would make Crayola jealous. Our planners can reflect the creativity and organization of our personality.

I’m not giving up my digital devices quite yet. In fact, I am currently using a hybrid system of digital and paper. When I’m out and about, I’ll input stuff on my smartphone and then transfer it into my Codex Planner when I get the chance or visa versa.

Creating margin in my day is difficult enough with technology around every corner. Social media can consume me and steal away precious time that would allow me to be present. If I can make a tiny move towards less digital absorption, I feel better, I feel healthier. When I am present, I don't miss those heavenly opportunities that God has scheduled just for me.


How do you feel about digital vs. paper? I'd love to hear your experience in the comments!


*Quote Source: NY Times article, "A Paper Planner? Its 2011."

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