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Doing vs. Being

Doing vs. Being

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I'm curious how you feel after reading this quote?

Rushing around from one activity to another, focusing on getting things done, we tend to place all our priorities on accomplishing tasks on our lists - doing routine housework; preparing meals and eating; commuting to work; getting things done at work; putting in time at the gym; driving our kids to swim lessons, soccer games and birthday parties; staying in touch with friends; taking the dog to the groomer; and so on. Are you tired yet? In the midst of it all , we become slaves to our to-do lists and become do-ers instead of be-ers.
— Anat Baniel, Move Into Life

My stomach turned into a pretzel after I read that quote. I felt stressed and tired because I can soooo relate to the hustle she was describing. I’m already feeling the impending craziness of the holidays. I really want to live in the moment, not chasing down my tasks and ignoring what is truly important. It's this time of year that I am reminded of those Gal Pals, Martha and Mary...

Jesus continued from there toward Jerusalem and came to another village. Martha, a resident of that village, welcomed Jesus into her home. Her sister, Mary, went and sat at Jesus’ feet, listening to Him teach. Meanwhile Martha was anxious about all the hospitality arrangements.

Martha (interrupting Jesus): Lord, why don’t You care that my sister is leaving me to do all the work by myself? Tell her to get over here and help me.
Jesus: Oh Martha, Martha, you are so anxious and concerned about a million details, but really, only one thing matters. Mary has chosen that one thing, and I won’t take it away from her.
— Luke 10:38-42 The Voice

Mary was the be-er, sweet Martha was the do-er. We all have to be Martha's at some point but, what Jesus is getting at here is to be present when the time comes. All that running around, planning, preparing, Pinterest-ing, do it. But, be present, be like Mary. Watch out for those moments when you need to stop the doing and enjoy the being. Maybe we can add a few of these to our holiday prep list:

Be joyful.

Give out grace.

Show love.

Act justly.

Fully trust God today.

Grow your faith.

Be with Jesus.


Be thankful.

Give God a chance to lead you.

If we were to keep our focus on the tasks, schedules and appointments in order  to survive the holidays, there is a good chance we will miss out on some beautiful, divine appointments. It isn't that Martha missed out on being with Jesus, it's that she lost herself in all the tasks that needed to be done. Say "Amen" if you can relate, Sisters! I can see Martha's heart in the center of that unexpected house full of people. She was bustling around preparing food, dusting, making sure everyone had a seat, sweating over her next move to provide for this unplanned visit.

We don't get to see what happens after Jesus lovingly redirects her focus but, you can be sure I'm going to have tea with Martha and talk it out someday. God can step into our plans yet, wouldn’t we find ourselves sitting at His feet more often if we stepped into His plans? #belikemary

Intentional Tip:

Try setting aside an hour or two (whatever you can spare!) and don't make a move without asking God where to go next. It can be a little awkward at first but, press into the challenge. Listen for the quiet, loving voice in your head guiding you, speaking to you.

Hard Seasons Are Hard

Hard Seasons Are Hard

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