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Faithful Grit

Faithful Grit

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I am a week away from 32, and I used to think once I reached my thirties life would seem less complicated and more smooth sailing. Now I laugh at myself when I think of this because I’ve learned along the way life will only become more complicated.

As Mark Batterson says,

God will keep putting you in situations that stretch your faith, and as your faith stretches, so do your dreams. And it won’t get more easier; It will get harder. It won’t get less complicated; it will get more complicated…. You need to come to terms with this two-sided truth: The blessings of God won’t just bless you; they will also complicate your life.

When life is complicated I often find myself needing more grit, the grit to keep me in the fight, to keep me knocking down my fears. Grit to keep me digging deeper, pushing onward, and focused on the goal when all I want to do is give up. Do you know that “give up” feeling? That overwhelming voice screaming like a mega phone into your soul that giving up seems far more easier than any other option.

So if life is likely going to be more complicated than not, and we can’t get away from the “I wanna quit voices,” how do we keep living life to the fullest, chasing our dreams, and not give in to quitting?


Perseverance doesn’t necessarily mean always moving forward, doing, and pushing things to the finish. Perseverance is also an attitude of the heart, it is knowing Jesus, He "who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us...” (Eph 3:20)

Perseverance requires patience, patience requires trust, trust requires faith, faith requires knowing our faithful creator.

When life is hard, full of fear, and nothing seems to go right,

The Lord is your shepherd, he is all that you need.

He is enough. When you are confused and don’t know how to go on,

He lets you rest in green meadows.

When your soul is weighed down with heavy burdens and you long for peace amidst the chaos,

He leads you beside peaceful streams.

When you don’t have the strength to take one more step,

He renews your strength.

When you want to run far away in the opposite direction you were going,

He guides you along right paths

When you walk through the darkest valley,

You will not be afraid, for God is close beside you.

We persevere, because in all things Jesus is enough. More than enough. He is all that we need, all we need to persevere. And as we faithfully follow our good Shepherd we find joy along the way. We don’t have to grit out this life in misery, nor sit in despair, because we know Jesus, who gives us joy.

Joy, a precious gift that awaits us in our journey of persevering.


Katie Campbell lives in Washington State with her husband Branden and precious twin miracles, Brooklyn and Eliana. Read more from Katie's heart on her blog:

Coffee With Katie

And be inspired by her photography on instagram as she captures her sweet family (including the adorable and spunky goldendoodle, Annie):


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