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5 Incredibly Easy Houseplants for Beginners

5 Incredibly Easy Houseplants for Beginners


Let me begin this post with a disclaimer, I am a former plant killer. My house would be where plants experienced their demise by one of three ways: dehydration, severe drowning, lack of vitamin D (or a dreadful combination of the previous mentioned scenarios).

Eventually, I gave up the dream that I would ever have living greenery in my home and invested in the most realistic silk plants that my local craft store had to offer. All I needed to do was dust them and they would stay green forever, right? After years of trying to make myself believe that my fakes were real, I got rid of them all. I felt like I was lying to myself and my home soon became plant-less altogether.

You are probably wondering how on earth I feel qualified enough to write a post about indoor plants. Because redemption comes in all forms, people. I had this beautiful soul visit my home and she delicately pointed out that I had zero plants. Embarrassed, I told her I was basically a funeral home for plants. With compassion and grace in her eyes, she gave me a list of hard-to-kill plants and encouraged me to try again. I went out and bought a couple of the plants Liz suggested; I was determined to be a house where plants could thrive.

There have been so many studies that prove house pants help clean the air of toxins, reduce stress, promote good moods, create oxygen, and allow for better concentration (probably all that awesome oxygen). I am a believer that plants can do all of those things.

I want your home to have better air and good moods too! I am about to share five plants I found to be really, super, easy, hard-to-kill beginner plants. These plants brought the green life back to my home and helped me build confidence that I could keep them alive! These are tough cookies, they can handle your learning curve like they did mine. Don't worry, I won't leave you hanging, I’ll tell you the biggest keys I’ve discovered to keeping my plants happy. First, check out my top 5 beginner plants:


Snake Plant

The larger, upright leaves give me happy feels. It fills in a tight spot nicely (like a corner or next to a couch) and doesn’t flop all over or make a mess. It just has the appearance of being the boss of all plants.


Donkeys Tail (Burro Tail Cactus)

The color and texture of my Donkey Tail plant is probably what brings this houseplant to the top of my favorites list. It has an almost teal-green color which depending on the amount of sun it gets, will turn to a very bright green or a soft, almost pastel green. The pattern that the stems and leaves create is so visually satisfying! You can plant this in a pot or in a hanging basket.


ZZ Plant

I love how it looks like it’s constantly blowing in the wind. The deep green color is gorgeous. And, it is incredibly drought tolerant so, you can go on vacation and not worry about your ‘lil ZZ.



These little guys are super easy to maintain, no-fuss care and they look so cool. Succulents come in a huge variety of colors, textures and sizes. A few of my favorite varieties I suggest for beginners are the Aloe, Crassula Jade (almost impossible to kill), Finger Jade,  Haworthia (my favorite is the Zebra variety), and Echeveria.


Fish Hooks

This is a fast grower so, I can tell when it’s doing well. It has a light, airy appearance. Mine is hanging in my kitchen window so I can enjoy it everyday. It's drought tolerant, don’t stress if you’ve gone two weeks and forgot to water it. Those little leaves hold water! It won’t go thirsty too fast.


Pick one of the plants above and give it a try. Start with one and when you feel confident, add more plants to your home. Once you get into the rhythm of caring for your plants,  you will discover how easy it is to care for indoor plants. If you are still not convinced you can keep a plant alive, here are a couple of other tips that may help you:

Get yourself a “You Can Do It” Mindset.

Once I was determined to care for a plant, I researched and made sure my plant was in the perfect location like East facing-window, bright light, no direct sun, etc. I followed the advice of experts and followed a strict watering routine until I understood the needs of my plant. I begin with one plant and added more plants as my confidence grew. My house is basically a jungle now! Okay, not really, but if my husband asks, there is always room for more plants, mmkay?

Watering Wednesdays saved my plants.

Watering was definitely a struggle in the past. When I began caring for plants again, I designated Wednesdays as my “Watering Wednesdays”, has a nice ring to it, huh. I would walk through my home and check on my plant babies. If the soil was dry, I watered, if not, the plant would get water the following week. (I also pep talk my plants. Don’t judge me, this is a thing.) Be sure to check the Google for the best watering practices for your plants.

Hey There Sunshine.

Living in the Pacific Northwest makes it a challenge for my plants to get the sunshine they need. But, every so often, we get a Vitamin D day and I take my pots out on the porch, kind of like a field trip for my plants. (Okay, okay, I know how that sounds. I just really love my plants, man.) Just make sure you don’t put them in direct, harsh sunlight.

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