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Roadblock Series: Relevant

Roadblock Series: Relevant


The Bible isn’t relevant or relatable to me.

Yes, this book was written 1000s of years ago by men who lived in different cultures. Yet, while we read stories in the Bible about people that may have had different circumstances, we can still relate to their growth, struggles and pure human-ness.

Let’s look at a few examples that we can certainly relate to…

Miriam is well known for being the Sister of all Sisters. We hear about her brilliant plan to put Moses in a basket and get her Mom connected to the Princess that would raise her brother. Then, we don’t hear much about her until she is right there with Moses and Aaron leading God’s people out of Egypt. One of her most beautiful legacies is when the sea crushed their enemies, she led all the people in worship and praise (Exodus 15:20-21). Maybe we could say she was the first female worship pastor? We can certainly learn from her example of praising God when he rescues us from the hands of our enemy. That is so relevant and relatable.

How about sweet Esther having to summon up all her courage to approach her husband (who happened to be the king) and speak with boldness in order to save God’s people (she has a fascinating story, read it in the book of Esther!) I mean, she knew her life was literally on the line taking such a risk. What we see in her legacy is that God will carry us through even the scariest moments. Especially if He calls us into a space that requires us to speak up with boldness. Public speaking… conflict…a new career… these may all require a supernatural courage that only God can provide and He will. Have you heard the phrase, “if He brings you to it, He’ll see ya through it!”? (I believe in that wholeheartedly!)

Did you know that in 1947 the Dead Sea scrolls were discovered over 2000 years after they were put in a cave*. 98% of the text was similar to what we currently read in our Bibles today. I mean, wow. God has preserved his words so that you and I can have access to his promises. That is ah-mazing.

It’s our job to pick up this book and start reading, it’s the Holy Spirit’s job to reveal the treasures inside.

When we dig into the details of God’s Word, that is where the Holy Spirit shows up to reveal treasures that we need to hear. He meets us right there in the pages of the Bible. and THAT, my friend, is how we overcome the roadblock of feeling like the Bible is unrelatable.

I want to share some questions you can ask God, others and yourself as you read through passages in order to connect to what you are reading:

  1. What happened before this verse or chapter?

    It’s important to understand the context of the Scripture. This is also where various translations and commentaries can come in handy.

  2. What do I feel when I read this passage?

    Pay attention to your thoughts and feelings as you read. Are you feeling guilt? Shame? Joy? Pause to ask the Holy Spirit to reveal why you are experiencing those feelings.

  3. What could the people have been feeling or experiencing?

Put yourself in their shoes! Empathy and compassion give you a fresh perspective on your thinking.

4. How can I apply what I am reading to my life?

James 1:19-26 tells us not to just listen the Word of God, but to obey what it says. That only hearing the Word is religion and the only good religion is the kind lived out on a daily basis.

Sidenote: There will be times when the Scripture you are reading may not necessarily be relevant to you or your situation. Consider the following:

  • It could be that God has that story for someone else in your life.

  • He is preparing you for something that is to come.

  • Take the opportunity to study Scripture when there aren’t emotions attached or your circumstances aren’t rough.

  • Don’t discount the relevancy of God’s timing when bringing a portion of the Bible in front of you.

God has preserved His promises for you and I for thousands of years, handed down through verbal storytelling and scrolls hidden in caves. He is giving us his book so that we can know Him and He can reveal Himself to us.

*Read more about the Dead Sea Scrolls: https://www.history.com/news/6-things-you-may-not-know-about-the-dead-sea-scrolls


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