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Roadblock Series: Priority

Roadblock Series: Priority


I’m too busy to read the Bible.

One of the enemy’s biggest attacks on us is through distraction. He doesn’t want us to spend time alone with God because he is fully aware he can’t compete with the power of our God. He doesn’t want us to even enter that space.

The enemy is loud and he is rude; he wants nothing more than to confuse us and quiet the voice of the Lord.

I read somewhere that reading your Bible and studying it for 20 minutes a day, counts as only 1% of your day! When we look at the big picture of our schedule, it seems like that is the very least amount of time we could dedicate to the One who created us.

When we continuously put everything else before our relationship with God, what we’re really saying is that God isn’t worth the investment of our time.

Is God worth the investment of your time?

Busyness is the enemy of intimacy. Developing a relationship with anyone can be challenging and takes a lot of energy to keep things moving forward. God is all in when it comes to creating intimacy with us, He’s always there, always faithful.

We have to know that the God of the Universe loves us. He desperately wants us to fill our time with Him. MORNING, NOON and NIGHT! He wants to be in conversation and relationship with us.

It’s more about the posture of our heart and our relationship with God than it is about sitting down to read the Bible.

You are busy analyzing the Scriptures, frantically pouring over them in hopes of gaining eternal life. Everything you read points to me, yet you still refuse to come to me so I can give you the life you’re looking for—eternal life!
— John 5:39-40

Like I mentioned in the second roadblock (relevancy), the only good religion is practiced everyday. It’s not about going through a checklist of Christian to-dos. Imagine your “checklist” is a circle that grows over time. Our relationship and knowledge of God will take a lifetime. Looking beyond our daily list of things to do, gives us a big picture view of grace.

It is not enough to be busy. So are the ants. The question is: What are we busy about?
— Henry David Thoreau

We’ve got to be busy pursuing God and all things true, lovely and good. Let’s work toward making God a non-negotiable in our day, making Him our priority over everything else.

In the next part of our series, we will take a look at what even Angels can be punished for… this next one is serious business.

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