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Roadblock Series: Responsibility

Roadblock Series: Responsibility


I’ll just take their word for it.

We live in an age where we have information overload. There are apps, websites, conferences, authors, teachers and preachers all at our disposal ready to give us understanding about the Bible. I don’t want to take the opportunities for granted, yet, I catch myself in seasons of learning God’s truth through the filter of someone else.

When we hear someone share their understanding of the Bible, we are hearing it through a filter of their perspective, experiences and hopefully, what the Holy Spirit has revealed to them. How do we know what they are preaching is accurate and in alignment with God’s truth?

You know that game of telephone? The one where one person whispers a phrase into another person’s ear, and then that person whispers what they heard into the next person’s ear and so on. I will tell you that I have NEVER played that game and had the phrase come out the same from beginning to end. It’s hilarious, but makes such a good point that when we hear something from someone else, things can get skewed or misunderstood.

In Galatians 1:6-9, Paul warns us to be vigilant and know the Gospel. The enemy likes to twist the Gospel just enough that it can get us off course. The enemy knows the Scriptures so he can twist the truth in such a way that can sound good. Knowing the Bible allows us to see when the enemy has been at work through books, Podcasts, teachers and yes, even our Pastors. Which brings me to the point of this roadblock,

It is our responsibility to know the Gospel truth.

When you go on online to place an order, what happens if you miss a number in your credit card? Do you think the online shop says, “Oh that’s okay, you almost got it.” And ship your order? No WAY! Online retailers never accept partial payment, and guess what,

We should never accept partial truth of the Bible when we have the whole truth available to us.

1 Corinthians 3:2, says we need to start with milk (aka,maturing in our faith. at a pace we can handle) God doesn’t expect everyone to jump in and be a Bible scholar within the first week of salvation! We start small and then the more we read the Bible, the more knowledge and wisdom we gain over time. The Holy Spirit will open our hearts to what we are ready to understand, it’s a partnership.

The point is this, don’t be comfortable drinking milk or eating baby food, we need to grow up and continue to learn.

It’s our job to pick up the Bible and start reading, it’s the Holy Spirit’s job to reveal the treasures inside.

As believers, we are to know God’s truth so we can hold it up against all the information coming at us. We need to recognize God’s voice, His truth, His promises above everyone else’s filter.

What’s your filter, what’s your perspective on the Bible? How will you be successful in what God has called you to?

In the next segment of our Roadblock Series, we will discover ways to overcome overwhelm when reading the Bible.


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