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Roadblock Series: Responsibility

We live in an age where we have information overload. There are apps, websites, conferences, authors, teachers and preachers all at our disposal ready to give us understanding about the Bible. I don’t want to take the opportunities for granted, yet, I catch myself in seasons of learning God’s truth through the filter of someone else.

Roadblock Series: Priority

One of the enemy’s biggest attacks on us is through distraction. He doesn’t want us to spend time alone with God because he is fully aware he can’t compete with the power of our God. He doesn’t want us to even enter that space.

Roadblock Series: Relevant

Yes, this book was written 1000s of years ago by men who lived in different cultures. Yet, while we read stories in the Bible about people that may have had different circumstances, we can still relate to their growth, struggles and pure human-ness.