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Planner Wars

In this incredible age of technology, why on earth would I use a paper planner? For years I have attempted to run my business, keep track of my kids activities, sports and school stuff, plus be the social coordinator for our family using only digital apps.

Codex + Carpe Diem

I am so thrilled to carry the Carpe Diem binders in the shop. These binders are the perfect partner to hold our Codex inserts. The Carpe Diem binders offer superior quality and the most perfect sizing.

A few years ago, when God placed this in my lap, one of the biggest struggles I had was what would we put our Codex in? I had considered making it a wire-bound book but, quickly dismissed that idea.

Launching Soon

What a journey this has been. I realize in the world of planner shopping, I'm late in launching the Codex Planner but, God's timing is perfect and I am resting in that truth. It has been over a year since I sat down with God to ask him exactly what he wanted to do with my business and creativity.