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BINGO 2018

The first annual Christmas Codex BINGO Giveaway! Come celebrate Christmas and the 2 year birthday of the Codex Planner with a fun game of BINGO… there are prizes you don’t want to miss!

Quality Margin

I can easily lose myself in the list of things I think I have to do. Have you ever had those days where you've completed your mile long list and still question what you actually did during the day? Quality over quantity is what I'm talking about today.

Codex + Carpe Diem

I am so thrilled to carry the Carpe Diem binders in the shop. These binders are the perfect partner to hold our Codex inserts. The Carpe Diem binders offer superior quality and the most perfect sizing.

A few years ago, when God placed this in my lap, one of the biggest struggles I had was what would we put our Codex in? I had considered making it a wire-bound book but, quickly dismissed that idea.