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Hi, I'm Carrie!

I am a Wilsonville based graphic designer and the owner of ink and mouse, LLC. I have been learning graphic design for many years and dabbling in the creative since I was a little girl.

I was made to create.

I love working to make things in this world a little prettier. Sometimes that means designing something but, it also goes deeper into the heart. That is where true lovely good was born. I believe beauty comes from within and I do whatever I can to develop joy in those around me. I am completely passionate about finding the beauty in everything and everyone. God’s creativity (my inspiration) can be found everywhere.

It would be my sincere delight to work on a project with you. My motivation and drive behind every project is to explore and reveal the individuality of my clients. Maybe you just need to brainstorm some ideas or get that vision out of your head and onto paper. I would love to come alongside you and help you work it out. I'm a dreamer and an idea Gal, let's create something together!


My numero uno priority is my family. My husband and I helped make three adorable, enthusiastic, compassionate kids and they make each day an adventure. I like to think I’m perfectly sane but, my children prove me wrong daily. We love to explore the beautiful, Pacific Northwest and enjoy life in a big town with a small feel.


Jesus | Laughing | Sweaters | Chai Tea | Stripes & Polka Dots | Collecting Joy | Big Hugs | Music That Moves My Soul | Jewelry | My Dog | My Cat | The ABCs | Writing | Vintage Anything

Are you ready to get started on a project?