What is ink+mouse?

I am a self-taught graphic designer. I have been learning graphic design for over 15 years by trial and error along with online classes and experience with clients. The name ink+mouse represents my ability to create a wide variety of items. My ink projects are generally used for publications such as magazines, wedding invitations, marketing materials, and apparel. Mouse projects tend to be more digital for my clients to use online like logos, web design and social media marketing. You can view some of my latest clients by clicking HERE.

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(Printed Projects)

Logo Development
Wedding Invitations
Baby Announcements
Memorial Service Materials
Business Marketing Materials



(Digital Creations)

Logo Development
Blog Design
Social Media


If you are here, you might be in need of some design help? You are probably doing research to find the perfect designer for your project and you are weighing out the costs of your needs. Thank you for checking into ink and mouse, LLC. I do hope we will be a good fit but, I appreciate you doing your due diligence (my Attorney husband would be proud of me for using that term, ha ha).

I wish it was as easy as telling you an hourly rate or have a chart of costs. Determining your project budget is highly dependent upon so many variables. Every project has unique circumstances, budgets, deadlines, and requirements. My design rate has fluctuated over the years (I've even been known to trade!) and with that has come knowledge and expertise on how to estimate the cost and determine the time frame of a project.

The best I can suggest is fill out my form HERE and send it to me. I will do my very best to respond as quickly as possible with no obligation. I want this to be a good partnership for both of us!

When preparing for a design project:

  1. Know your content (website, invitations, marketing materials).  Having this information ready before the design process will save you a lot of time and dollars by providing this information at the beginning.
  2. Research ideas.  Look at your competitors websites, marketing materials, logos, etc. to get an idea of what you do and don't like.  The sky is the limit with design!  One of my favorite parts of the design process is guiding my clients through colors, fonts, and design structure.  It is such a rewarding process to assist someone in developing their brand.
  3. Designing takes time.  I know when you've come this far in your business, you want your logo and/or project done yesterday.  I get it, you are excited! There is a deeper process involved than only choosing a font and colors. You want your branding to reflect your passions, goals, personality, products, and mission statement. You want your first impression to be a lasting one, a good one, a professional one. The following are some estimated time frames to help you determine a realistic goal for your project completion:
    • Websites, 12-24 working hours
    • Blog (establish), 8-15 working hours
    • Blog (makeover), 4-8 working hours
    • Logo, 8-10 working hours
    • Marketing Materials, 6-10 working hours

READY TO GET STARTED? Submit this Client intake form and I'll be in touch ASAP!

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New Clients
, Thank you for reading a little more information about ink and mouse. Please send me an email if you have any further questions before submitting your Client Intake Form.

Just a few more notes...

  • The website hosting I prefer is Squarespace or Weebly. I do collaborate with trusted website developers if your website requires a unique development and design from scratch.
  • I am very comfortable on a Blogger platform. I have used their blog format for many years. If you are looking for Wordpress help, I'm not your Gal.